Quality Quads Anyone?

Quality Quads Anyone?

I have been feeling as though my quads get neglected, so when I saw Muscle & Fitness’ post on fb about how to amp it up, you know I clicked right through. But guess what- to my disappointment and happiness- all at once. I do these exercises already! I guess I was hoping to see something I have been missing, but it looks like I am on the right path (I mean, they¬†are the ones who called them ‘tried and true’)¬†I am thinking maybe its just time to jack up the weights and/or frequency. I’ll keep searching for the magical quad killer in the meantime… and please send any suggestions!¬†


Back to Basics – Bikram Style

Back to Basics – Bikram Style

I am scared to go to Bikram because I haven’t been in awhile, but I keep reminding myself of WHY i am going and how I’ve felt after going before…¬†

Relax,¬†Revive,¬†Release, Decompress, Stretch, Cleanse… all these things are¬†both mentally and physically¬†benefical. I think it will be the best $20 I spend all week. I don’t know where else I could find all of this and accomplish it in 90 minutes, nor another time I could think of that I need it more. When you have no time to practice, is probably when you need it most.¬†



16 Signs You Are a Gym Rat

16 Signs You Are a Gym Rat!

Ain’t no shame in relating to any of these. I bet my brother has 100% of them covered, actually. I immediately chuckled at #5, 9, 12, & 14.

This e-mail came at perfect timing for me… Our company had a “Guess the Weight of the Giant Pumpkin Contest”. You know how I guessed? I tried to imagine how many plates it felt like. You know how close I came? Within 10lbs! I was not the winner because someone guessed within half a pound, but I bet he did not use the same method I did. #gymratproblems



Posted by Evan Clark On 11 04 2013



1. You have more protein shakers than glasses in your apartment/house


2. You exchange the “weightlifters’ head nod” when you see another person in public who obviously lifts


3. You have specific songs on your iPod for specific lifts and for maxing out


4. When you wake up you’re already looking forward to that days¬†protein shake


5. You own more gym clothes than work clothes


6. If you don’t tell the front desk employees at your gym that you’re going on vacation, they file a missing person report


7. Speaking of your gym’s front desk employees, you are on a first-name basis with all of them


8. You can rattle off¬†Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes¬†like it’s your job


9. You schedule your social life around your workout hours


10. You scope a quick flex in bathroom mirrors, tinted car and store front windows… and pretty much any reflective surface


11. You’ve watched¬†Gladiator,¬†Pumping Iron¬†or any of the¬†Rocky¬†series to “pre-game” a workout


12. You have nicknames for at least 10 other members at your gym with whom you’ve never spoken to. ie. The Viking, Tonya Harding, The Grunter, Tready McTreadmills, Dream Weaver, Kermit, Zaaaaaam, Brotasaurus, The Bench Press Twins


13.¬†You’ve looked at objects and thought, “I wonder if I can curl that?”


14. Bad day at work means a good day at the gym


15. You can add numbers by 5, 10 and 45 extremely fast in your head


16. You get more excited about receiving your JackedPack every month than your paycheck!


What do you think? Let’s keep adding to the list. Comment below with some signs you’re a Gym Rat and we’ll add the best ones to the list!


Desk Jockey Joint Pain

Desk Jockey Joint Pain

My hip hurts here and there, yes, just one. It must only be one because I sit like such the lady and cross my legs. (Actually I prefer Indian style, but it is not always realistic.) This all emerged after spending the last 14 months at a desk.

Coincedence? I think not. Am I alone? I think not.

It hurts ESPECIALLY after running, sometimes when doing certain strength exercises or high impact training, sitting down for long periods of time then standing up, etc. I continue to minimalize the pain even though I raised this concern to my doctor months ago.

Counteraction Plan?

I recently moved my computer placement out from the corner to improve my posture &f the wires could reach far enough, I would put it up high so I could stand.) Will also do the¬†stretches¬†you see in Mark’s Daily Apple.

I was already a fan of his, so when I googled my issue and his blog popped up I was not surprised and I was actually excited to get some advice from a trusted fellow blogger. I need to start making changes to reverse the damage I have been doing over the past 14 months.


(Brad’s Raw Foods) Sugar Detox – But do I really want to give it up?

(Brad’s Raw Foods) Sugar Detox – But do I really want to give it up?

Ok party people- a long time debate of mine is sugar… I swear when my macros of sugar increase, so does my body weight. Even when it comes to fruit, especially when it comes to alcohol and of course, what girl can’t help but cave to a dessert craving here and there? Okay, so now I sound like a sugar fiend.

The truth is I probably am one, which is why I need to consider this¬†sugar detox program. I have seen the kale chips before in Shop Rite, so I have at least heard of the brand’s name before.

I spend copious amounts of time trying to buy foods that are low or no sugar, googling recipes, and usually even keeping fruit to a minimum (so sad). Sometimes I just want the good tasting stuff (regardless of nutrition) too and we all know once you take that plunge it could be a matter of minutes before you’re knuckles deep in a pint of ben & jerrys. Sugar is not just in desserts though. It seems like it is in EVERYTHING. And of course there is the debate about the ever-growing market of substitutes.

SoOo the $22 I thought I’d get to put towards a new shirt this week, might just have to go to Groupon & Brad’s! I’d love to “…Learn what foods to incorporate more into your diet, which to avoid, and what to limit.” The whys are just as important to me bc that is how you can take information and decide what is best for¬†yourself. In the grand scheme of my goals (I try to always keep long-term goals in mind when making short-term decisions), this ranks higher up on the list and I think I just talked myself into it. Let me know if you will be joining me!