Even goddesses, like Jennifer Aniston, take breaks

I know I “shouldn’t be” worried about working out on a 9-day trip to Thailand, but I am!

phucket thailand girl on beach

Going to be *ME* 😎



Maybe I’ll blame SHAPE magazine for sharing this article on FB right around the same time I was thinking about it…


Or my brother for asking me at Thanksgiving if I am scared I will lose my gains. “ha ha” we all laughed, but the answer is yes!

missed a workout who am i

Not because of what I look like while I’m there. I’m going by myself so I am actually at ease with that. Which is a nice change and something you probably don’t even realize affects you.

buddha - the journey of self by self to self

More so bc I have been getting in some great lifts and reaching new maxes. I do not want to get too far behind. Catching up takes soOo long and I have allowed more slips prior to the trip than I wanted. Womp womp- I’m human.

austin powers rest

My hotels do have gyms, but I think my personal goal is to limit that. One hotel offers Muay Thai though! How awesome will it be to take Muay Thai in Thailand- I’m in!

keep calm muay thai



A little of this, a little of that, but all up top

I haven’t been doing much upper body because Ive been teaching more spin. Plus I am trying to incorporate more body parts and compound exercises, so here’s what I made up Friday morning. Give it a whirl, my triceps are sore already, the rest is tbd!

Upper Body Circuit

“How-To” Pictures of Circuit Below! #doittoit

1. Barbell Curls

bb curls

2. Upright Rows


3. Seated Cable Rows

45_1 45_2

4. Overhead Cable Tricep Extension

trissssss triss

5. Thrusters


Don’t Drop that Thun Thun

Warm-Up: 8 minute elliptical

Strength: Incremental Back Squats to 5 rep failure.


For some reason I found this fitting to come on during squats. Although I also found out that dropping the “thun thun” means something else ((yea thats right, I had to look it up on urban dictionary #whitegirlproblems)). I’ve made up my own meaning to be ‘butt’, which I actually did drop!


Circuit x 3 rounds:

1. Goblet Squats on Bosu Ball x25

HOW TO BOSU SQUAT (I held 1 kettlebell centered to add weight)

2. Mountain Climbers x25

I alternated between the standard and the cross-over. There are multiple variations you can incorporate to switch things up…. Push-up, Spiderman, Jumper, Grasshopper,Dawg Mountain, Standing.

3. AKB Swings x25 (My last set I only did 10 bc i increased my weight substantially as a personal test/challenge)

AKB Swings

4. Plank (feet elevated on Bosu) x60 seconds

Plank with feet on bosu

Finisher: 2 Minute Sprint

*PS* The elliptical would normally be about 10 minutes, however, I had a sample of (watermelon, mmm) Cellucor Pre-Workout on my ride over and when that kicked in, it was GO TIME. I {personally} do not recommend daily use of pre-workout, but I knew I wanted to amp it up today since my workout tomorrow will be the spin class I am teaching- aka- all cardio.

Intensity is a Necessity

Hey Party People!

Recent reads have led me to believe its not the weight I need to increase, its my intensity. I can’t find the article, however, calorie decrease is not always the answer- do you believe it? I didn’t!

The explanation makes sense… if you are like so many of us and your job requires you to be at a desk for a lot of the day, your body adapts to calorie reduction. SO I’m not saying eat more, but I am saying workout HARDER. You can accomplish this through increasing frequency, weight, reps, sets, etc but you do not necessarily need to increase your time spent at the gym (phew! #aintnobodygottimeforthat)

Fact is, strength training has become my new comfort zone. So here is how I worked in some of each of the training methods yesterday:

Incline Bench Press

–> 5 SETS (increasing weight): Start with bar only, then increase weights with each set [ I added plates in increments of 10lbs, aka 5lbs each side] REPS = 12, 10, 8 , 6, 3

–> 5 DROPSETS back down to zero lbs on the bar.

Bench press on an incline


15 thrusters + 12 burpees, jump touch bar overhead

10 minute time cap (hence: As Many Reps As Possible)

thrusters A B C

Above is your ‘how to’ on the thruster. Below is an example of how you perform the burpee. The entire rep in the vid is something to strive for {in my case} or a way to amp it up (try it, you wont!) if you are more advanced. Jump and reach for the bar is my first step to get there. #alwaysreachinghigher

ABs & Tank Emptier

Side-plank raises 10x each side + Bosu Ball Chest Press (15x)

side plank raises

*Note: I prefer to warm-up, strength train, HIIT/circuit train, then finish up with a quick run or abs to drain it all out of the tank. ‘They’ say you always need to warm up before anything and strength training should always come before cardio, hence my structure above.

‘Did the new plan work’ you ask me? Yes, my heart rate was increased beyond my comfort zone during the entire AMRAP and today I am sore. Victory!

arnold intensity

Legs for Days


Considering the source and the name of the article “Smoking Hot Legs“, I had to check it out. Legs are something I’ve never really concentrated on and kinda just took for granted whatever progress came with my workouts. Sure we all know squats and dead lifts and lunges and blah blah blah– are you bored? I am.

BUT legs are a big deal and the only way I’m going to get my pistol squat this year is to work em… hard and often!

pistol squat

I of course super-set the exercises and I tried to do which ever had more sets or reps for both exercises in the pair. We’ll see if I am sore!

New Year, New (pre-planned) Workouts?

So I am not claiming I will plan every workout in 2014, but having this one ready-loaded for me was prett-ty nice! It’s not that I am against knowing what I am doing ahead of time, its that I never can find “the right” things. It feels like freaking Goldilocks and the three bears… ones too easy, ones too long, one has stuff I don’t have time or resources to figure out what the exercises are, one I don’t have a spot or a partner, or I those muscles are still sore from last time, and my list could go on…

I stumbled upon this, from Men’s Health and Human Fit Project, it looked like a good start! (my modifications follow)

Mens Fitness_Power Hour

Oh my gosh why did I do a workout from a MEN’S website? Ewie. Well people, there is more information available for lifting weights on a “Men’s” site. Listen that guy has muscles and I want some too, so I follow them… The key is to then adapt it to my capability or program.

Take the above for example:

I completed shoulder exercises 1&2 back-to-back, followed by 3 & 4 done in the same way. This helped me move through them faster, which was good for my timing and also my fitness goals. I also finished off with 5 minutes of running a 7.4 on the treadmill. (baby steps people, baby steps)

My biceps were sore from this. Not my shoulders. My shoulders are weaker though, so I tend to go lighter to maintain form. Guess I’ll be amping it up next time! Good luck.