Even goddesses, like Jennifer Aniston, take breaks

I know I “shouldn’t be” worried about working out on a 9-day trip to Thailand, but I am!

phucket thailand girl on beach

Going to be *ME* ūüėé



Maybe I’ll blame SHAPE magazine for sharing this article on FB right around the same time I was thinking about it…


Or¬†my brother for asking me at Thanksgiving if I am scared I will lose my gains. “ha ha” we all laughed, but the answer is yes!

missed a workout who am i

Not because of what I look like while I’m there. I’m going by myself so I am actually at ease with that. Which is a nice change and something you probably don’t even realize affects you.

buddha - the journey of self by self to self

More so bc I have been getting in some great lifts and reaching new maxes. I do not want to get too far behind. Catching up takes soOo long and I have allowed more slips prior to the trip than I wanted. Womp womp- I’m human.

austin powers rest

My hotels do have gyms, but I think my personal goal is to limit that. One hotel offers Muay Thai though! How awesome will it be to take¬†Muay Thai in Thailand- I’m in!

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1000 Reps in 60 Minutes or Less

So this is how it went down at the gym today:


I found this on PBFingers.com under her workouts section. I almost shied away from it bc I hate having to refer to a sheet or my phone mid workout and also probably bc I knew it would be hard. Well that clearly means its what I needed to do. I need to start pushing more and the only way to do it is to make some changes and do the things I think about not doing because theyre the ones I should be doing! If you’ve been there, you understand what that ramble means.

Anyways, to make this workout more feasible for myself I broke it up into 2 sets of 25. I still did them as close together as possible, but even just for counting sake… I tend to forget to count after 12 or so, don’t ask bc I got great math grades back in the good ol high school days.

If any of you are like me and most of the gym population anymore, you use your phone for tunes. This minor detail can make it annoying to have to keep checking your phone to see whats up next in the rotation. To avoid looking like


I grouped the exercises in 3’s. Still performing them as fluently as humanly phone-checking possible. It worked out bc I definitely needed to catch my breath a time or two (or three or four).

PBFingers did her work out in 35 minutes. She’s good. It took me 50. I tried to up the weights a little bit, but not too much bc 50 reps will catch up with you quick. Don’t be scared to lift a little weight! It will only help rev up the work out, who cares if it takes a little longer? You’ll feel that much better once you finish that stupid yet awesome 1,000th rep!

Music Matters.

I tried a new (to me) spin time&teacher on Sunday morning- deeming it ‘Sunday Spin‘. It was a great class which pumped me up to get my butt in this morning in time for her 5:30am class!

Another use for a wedding reception rally towel!

Another use for a wedding reception rally towel!

It was to my disappointment when¬†Sunday’s teacher¬†was not the one riding the almighty ‘instructor’s bike’ this morning! BUT at this point- I’m already at the gym and in the spin room so why not give this girl a shot?

One song in- okay, we’re just warming up, right?

Two songs in- we’re pushing harder and¬†I don’t know what song is playing and even if¬†I did, it is not motivating me.

Three songs in- we’re (supposed to be) moving fast and the song kind-of-almost is.

I (almost) never leave a class early. But clearly, if I have to pep talk myself into staying until the¬†15 minute mark, I could probably definitely ¬†enjoy a workout on my own, plus¬†be more effective and efficient. So that’s what I did… for the first time ever… I left after 15 minutes of class.

As I am training through the circuit I made up for myself (I will include this at the bottom), I noticed another person left. ((This can be typical for a 530am class bc people have work.)) But wait!! More spinners continued to trickle out over the last half hour of classР6 total, including me. At least one of them must have shared my spin ADD today- especially since no one did this on Sunday.

To put it in perspective:¬†6 people out of ab 18 is 33% of the class. In case you’re counting too.

Even though on Sunday I rode the least number of miles (16.7 vs 18ish) compared to other instructors at my gym,¬†it was the best ride I’ve had at my gym since I’ve joined. To me, that further proves¬†it’s quality over quantity.

I hope to use this situation as an example for why they should¬†include¬†yours truly¬†on the instructor list, even if it is only as a sub. ūüôā

Improvised Circuits (3 rounds each exercise):

Group 1

1 minute of boxing on heavy bag

1 minute wall sit

10 push-ups

30 double crunches

15-30 second handstand (using wall as necessary)

Group 2

10 Kettle Bell Sumo Swings

10 side-to-side ball slams

10 second support hold on rings

Wedding jitters… even for those of us not getting married!

So many details to worry about… but i knew the one thing that would clear my mind and put me on the right track.

I am 100% a morning workout, on a fasted-stomach kind of girl. So the fact that we went to a breakfast buffet almost sent me into an excuse-making, lazy zone of allowing myself to skip. I mean, after all, I did make it the day before right?

…This is the point when I remind myself how happy I will be after-the-fact and that outweighs the little devil on my shoulder trying to chime in where he’s not wanted!

I allowed my stomach to digest by delaying my workout with a CVS outing, but once we got back it was Game On and even better? boyfriend came too! ūüôā

With no set plan in mind, but determined to sweat, I improvised…

Elliptical Warm up and then just a set or two of each exercise:

Total body cable machine… ¬†curls, upright rows, dead lifts, squats, rows bent over with straight bar, etc

Free weights: alternating bicep curls, alternating hammer curls, shoulder press, monkey curls, lying flys, etc

Body weighted exercises: straight leg raise/jack knife on bench, push ups with feet elevated, + pull-ups (bf assisted)

In between it all, my boyfriend’s Mom & nieces popped in to say ‘hello’.

Getting Dolled Up in the Bridal Suite

Getting Dolled Up in the Bridal Suite

At first I wasn’t sure how to handle this… What would you do? I had three choices, I could: 1. stop 2. tone it down or 3. keep chugging- I managed a combo of all three. We said hello, had a little fun, and then got back into our rhythm.

Initially, I felt bad continuing on with my workout but then I remembered something I recently heard a mother sayone of the many reasons she works out is to be a healthy role model for her children. She essentially practices what she preaches.

Don’t get me wrong, these girls do not need to get on the treadmill for a 10 mile run or the smith machine for a set of sumo squats, but I felt it couldn’t hurt for them to see me in action… something that makes me happy, how it wakes me up, gives me energy, and makes me feel ready to take on the dayno matter what day it is or where we are.

Danny's nieces & I at the wedding.

Danny’s nieces & I at the wedding.

T Minus 1 Week Until I’m a Bridesmaid!

So I am a bridesmaid in my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding exactly ONE week from today- Friday the 13th- I know, yikes. I have been saying it is crunch time since 6 weeks out, but I really haven’t done much different.

I am determined in the next 7 days to do something to switch it up and confuse my body! Why? Muscle confusion always provides positive results. It works new muscles in new ways and leaves you less bored- double bonus!

Ntm I want to feel slender in my¬†dress. It is super comfy and beautiful. But the waist feels a little snug and the strapless neck, with 1-shoulder sheer overlay leaves room to see any “arm pit fat” (technical term = Sternocostal Head Pectoralis Major.)

I will not go crazy and starve myself all week, nor will I workout multiple times in one day, but I do want to try a short cleanse (Simply Slender Master Cleanse 48hr Lemonade Diet) and I will make small changes that I can keep up with until the big day: drink more water, drink less alcohol, eat more fruits and vegetables, & make sure I do some sort of physical activity EVERY day.

Here is my tenative ‘sweat schedule’ (lululemon lingo):

SaturdayKickboxing date with best friend at LA Fitness

SundayOutdoor activities at or near the beach with boyfriend

Monday– Partner HIIT training at the gym with our trainer, Coach Jerome + 30-45 minutes of strength (chest) training

Tuesday530am Spin 6:30pm Boot Camp

WednesdayР20 minutes of Cardio + 40 Minutes of strength training

Thursday– 25 minutes of HIIT workout (25 minutes at minimum, with details TBD)

FridayMy goal is to¬†I am going to get a¬†hotel¬†workout in before our beautification process of the bridal party begins since it won’t be until at least 9am ūüôā Stay tuned for the post of what workout I go with!

*Side note* I also plan include some type of arm exercise- pushups, pullups, curls, etc- every day, since these bad boys will be exposed.

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