I want to pump. you. up.

In the words of Arnold, acutally, Hanz & Franz… I want to pump. you. up.

arnold pec


I haven’t been steady on here, but lots of moving parts and trying to take the necessary steps to big things!

1. Moved. Closer to all the people, places, i need to be and see on a more consistent basis.

2. Booked flights & hotel to Arnold Sports Festival aka the olympics of lifting and so many other amazing things that require incredible strength. There will be so much for me to absorb here both personally and professionally for the future.


Everyone is going to music festivals…

music festival

And I’m over here trying to go to fitness festivals…

arnold fitness festival

3. Started a 10 week plan from T-Nation. Don’t hold me to all 10 weeks, but so far so good. Week 1 is just about complete. I was sore and challenged, but can definitely do more so I’m hoping the progression aspect will push the limits.

Just enjoying the journey ūüôā

create what sets your heart on fire


#fitcouple – to be or not to be?

#fitfam this and #fitspo that… blah blah, everyone¬†with an instagram account thinks their the next Jillian Michaels. But when it comes to your signifcant other, do they need to have the same exercise preferences as you do?

someecards - i just wanna cuddle n talk ab eat and workout

I used to be someone who didn’t want to workout with anyone at the gym. First because I was scared & out of shape, then because I didn’t want anyone interrupting my zone. My brother used to talk and rest like crazy. My ex used to tell me ‘dont go so heavy’ or ‘do it this way’ or ‘dont do it that way’.

do you even lift mikayla maroney

Now adays I find myself more frequently wishing I had a spot, someone to push me harder, help me past previous limits. {Okay, maybe I just really need a lifting partner, but idk how a girl finds one of them outside of a bf.}

fitcouple - find something you love and someone to share it with

Then I start to wonder… what if I am obsessed? what if I don’t want to do this one day? Shouldn’t I start looking for someone who just loves me?

you see iw oudl date you but

Then I realize after going on dates and hanging with friends… the time I spend with people who don’t lift or eat like I do, is usually a “treat” or “cheat day”.

the rock on cheat day

So I guess regardless of what the future may hold, if ¬†someone sees how I spend¬†my spare time as an ‘obsession’ or ‘disgusting’ I’ll probably be showing them the door. My significant other will need to¬†understand why I like to workout, why i like to lift, why i like to eat healthy- look strong, feel strong, be strong.

fitcouple - wedding cake topper

Legs for Days


Considering the source¬†and the name of the article “Smoking Hot Legs“, I had to check it out. Legs are something I’ve never really concentrated on and kinda just took for granted whatever progress came with my workouts. Sure we all know squats and dead lifts and lunges and blah blah blah– are you bored? I am.

BUT legs are a big deal and the only way I’m going to get my pistol squat this year is to work em… hard and often!

pistol squat

I of course super-set the exercises and I tried to do which ever had more sets or reps for both exercises in the pair. We’ll see if I am sore!

(Self) Awareness Impacts Everything.

Last night I sat in on a (free) webinar with the ladies (and members) of¬†Girls Gone Strong¬†for nearly an hour and a half. We talked a lot about self-development and the ability to recognize the effects of one’s own thoughts and how they translate into all parts of your life. Some of what was discussed was out of my typical realm; but other ideas and concepts reminded me of my glorious lululemon days. I noted a few quotes that I think everyone can understand and benefit from.¬†

1. If you don’t slow down, your body will slow you down.¬†

2. If you don’t have a goal, it’s like travelling without a destination.¬†

3. Stress does not exist, only people thinking things are stressful exist. 

Stress prevails when one’s thoughts are focused on one or more of the following: a) being right b) competition/winning c) your reputation d) equate happiness to external objects such as $money$ & possessions e) being superior, rather than being kind

4. Recognize thoughts and redirect them where they’re meant to go. (Towards happiness, not chaos.)

5. You may not have control of what happens, but you have control of how you react. 

I truly believe in each and everyone of these statements. When I am caught up in a negative thought, feeling, situation… I always always try to remind myself of one or more of the above. I just didn’t know there were other people out there like me! Please (re)read them over & over again and realize how amazingly true they are, then take¬†control over your life and give yourself a positive environment.¬†


Oh and how bout this?! I won a free seat in their 6 week workshop coming up called “The Complete Body Program”. Guess how. They played a clip of a song and you had to send in which song it was. I immediately¬†knew¬†it! ha ha¬†