#fitcouple – to be or not to be?

#fitfam this and #fitspo that… blah blah, everyone with an instagram account thinks their the next Jillian Michaels. But when it comes to your signifcant other, do they need to have the same exercise preferences as you do?

someecards - i just wanna cuddle n talk ab eat and workout

I used to be someone who didn’t want to workout with anyone at the gym. First because I was scared & out of shape, then because I didn’t want anyone interrupting my zone. My brother used to talk and rest like crazy. My ex used to tell me ‘dont go so heavy’ or ‘do it this way’ or ‘dont do it that way’.

do you even lift mikayla maroney

Now adays I find myself more frequently wishing I had a spot, someone to push me harder, help me past previous limits. {Okay, maybe I just really need a lifting partner, but idk how a girl finds one of them outside of a bf.}

fitcouple - find something you love and someone to share it with

Then I start to wonder… what if I am obsessed? what if I don’t want to do this one day? Shouldn’t I start looking for someone who just loves me?

you see iw oudl date you but

Then I realize after going on dates and hanging with friends… the time I spend with people who don’t lift or eat like I do, is usually a “treat” or “cheat day”.

the rock on cheat day

So I guess regardless of what the future may hold, if  someone sees how I spend my spare time as an ‘obsession’ or ‘disgusting’ I’ll probably be showing them the door. My significant other will need to understand why I like to workout, why i like to lift, why i like to eat healthy- look strong, feel strong, be strong.

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Intensity is a Necessity

Hey Party People!

Recent reads have led me to believe its not the weight I need to increase, its my intensity. I can’t find the article, however, calorie decrease is not always the answer- do you believe it? I didn’t!

The explanation makes sense… if you are like so many of us and your job requires you to be at a desk for a lot of the day, your body adapts to calorie reduction. SO I’m not saying eat more, but I am saying workout HARDER. You can accomplish this through increasing frequency, weight, reps, sets, etc but you do not necessarily need to increase your time spent at the gym (phew! #aintnobodygottimeforthat)

Fact is, strength training has become my new comfort zone. So here is how I worked in some of each of the training methods yesterday:

Incline Bench Press

–> 5 SETS (increasing weight): Start with bar only, then increase weights with each set [ I added plates in increments of 10lbs, aka 5lbs each side] REPS = 12, 10, 8 , 6, 3

–> 5 DROPSETS back down to zero lbs on the bar.

Bench press on an incline


15 thrusters + 12 burpees, jump touch bar overhead

10 minute time cap (hence: As Many Reps As Possible)

thrusters A B C

Above is your ‘how to’ on the thruster. Below is an example of how you perform the burpee. The entire rep in the vid is something to strive for {in my case} or a way to amp it up (try it, you wont!) if you are more advanced. Jump and reach for the bar is my first step to get there. #alwaysreachinghigher

ABs & Tank Emptier

Side-plank raises 10x each side + Bosu Ball Chest Press (15x)

side plank raises

*Note: I prefer to warm-up, strength train, HIIT/circuit train, then finish up with a quick run or abs to drain it all out of the tank. ‘They’ say you always need to warm up before anything and strength training should always come before cardio, hence my structure above.

‘Did the new plan work’ you ask me? Yes, my heart rate was increased beyond my comfort zone during the entire AMRAP and today I am sore. Victory!

arnold intensity

New Year, New (pre-planned) Workouts?

So I am not claiming I will plan every workout in 2014, but having this one ready-loaded for me was prett-ty nice! It’s not that I am against knowing what I am doing ahead of time, its that I never can find “the right” things. It feels like freaking Goldilocks and the three bears… ones too easy, ones too long, one has stuff I don’t have time or resources to figure out what the exercises are, one I don’t have a spot or a partner, or I those muscles are still sore from last time, and my list could go on…

I stumbled upon this, from Men’s Health and Human Fit Project, it looked like a good start! (my modifications follow)

Mens Fitness_Power Hour

Oh my gosh why did I do a workout from a MEN’S website? Ewie. Well people, there is more information available for lifting weights on a “Men’s” site. Listen that guy has muscles and I want some too, so I follow them… The key is to then adapt it to my capability or program.

Take the above for example:

I completed shoulder exercises 1&2 back-to-back, followed by 3 & 4 done in the same way. This helped me move through them faster, which was good for my timing and also my fitness goals. I also finished off with 5 minutes of running a 7.4 on the treadmill. (baby steps people, baby steps)

My biceps were sore from this. Not my shoulders. My shoulders are weaker though, so I tend to go lighter to maintain form. Guess I’ll be amping it up next time! Good luck.


Eat a lot lift a lot


I haven’t taken a day off since Christmas because of Christmas and New Years. I anticipated having to work extra hard so I could not fall behind, here’s what went down!

I read an article about 10×10 workouts and switched it up to suit me. I paired 2 muscle groups together, did 10 sets of 10 reps of 2 exercises at a time. (20 exercises total) This can be accomplished quickly if you keep rest to a minimum . One day was biceps and chest, while the following was triceps and back.
To round out the workouts, come the 3rd day I created a total body kettle bell circuit. This was 5 exercises, 25 reps a set, 3 rounds.
Before all 3 days I warmed up for about 10 minutes on the treadmill and then finished the work out with some cardio. Bike resistance intervals day one, running on day 2, and high speed stair run intervals for 5/10 minutes on the stepper.
Cardio, or workouts in general, do not have to be long if you make sure you max yourself out. For me, it is not always about the heaviest weights. It has to be a weight you can complete all reps with but still be challenged. The cardio at the end helps me feel like I’ve pushed that extra little bit!

Do you group exercises? Muscles? Cardio before or after?

Stupid Sore

So I’m trying to figure out how to make some changes and get back ahead of the game. I did a Saturday morning workout and then was not in the gym until Monday night. I felt well rested and super excited to go to town. Well maybe a pm workout followed by an am workout wasn’t the way… I think I am too sore. If there is such a thing, this might be it. 

 one does not simply walk after leg day

Interested in the workouts that created this love/hate feeling? Okay, well Monday’s pm consisted of the 1,000 Rep workout. Then I woke up Tuesday, with no plan, having drank a half of a pre-workout for the first time in a long time, and went (sporadically) balls to the walls again:

1. 10 minute elliptical warm up

2.  Narrow Squats = each set up until reach max, then back down to bar only; DEEP- when doing this you find you are not able to go as high in weight- thats ok!)+ Tricep Kickbacks (with a twist, palm down)

3. Lunges (DEEP, 1 side at a time) & Elevated Side squats

[couple of skin the cats to stretch a little for fun since there was only one person in the leg rack area… working on being able to pull myself back around. i kind of just dangle and try for now.]

4. Tricep Cable Pull (horizontal: bent to chest, out to straight arm), Standing Chest Pull, Standing Tricep Cable Pull-Down

5. 5 minute treadmill incline vs sprint intervals

ps- there could have been more but i forget. i did 3 rounds, 8-10 reps of each group of exercises.

Ready, set, GO!


Wedding jitters… even for those of us not getting married!

So many details to worry about… but i knew the one thing that would clear my mind and put me on the right track.

I am 100% a morning workout, on a fasted-stomach kind of girl. So the fact that we went to a breakfast buffet almost sent me into an excuse-making, lazy zone of allowing myself to skip. I mean, after all, I did make it the day before right?

…This is the point when I remind myself how happy I will be after-the-fact and that outweighs the little devil on my shoulder trying to chime in where he’s not wanted!

I allowed my stomach to digest by delaying my workout with a CVS outing, but once we got back it was Game On and even better? boyfriend came too! 🙂

With no set plan in mind, but determined to sweat, I improvised…

Elliptical Warm up and then just a set or two of each exercise:

Total body cable machine…  curls, upright rows, dead lifts, squats, rows bent over with straight bar, etc

Free weights: alternating bicep curls, alternating hammer curls, shoulder press, monkey curls, lying flys, etc

Body weighted exercises: straight leg raise/jack knife on bench, push ups with feet elevated, + pull-ups (bf assisted)

In between it all, my boyfriend’s Mom & nieces popped in to say ‘hello’.

Getting Dolled Up in the Bridal Suite

Getting Dolled Up in the Bridal Suite

At first I wasn’t sure how to handle this… What would you do? I had three choices, I could: 1. stop 2. tone it down or 3. keep chugging- I managed a combo of all three. We said hello, had a little fun, and then got back into our rhythm.

Initially, I felt bad continuing on with my workout but then I remembered something I recently heard a mother sayone of the many reasons she works out is to be a healthy role model for her children. She essentially practices what she preaches.

Don’t get me wrong, these girls do not need to get on the treadmill for a 10 mile run or the smith machine for a set of sumo squats, but I felt it couldn’t hurt for them to see me in action… something that makes me happy, how it wakes me up, gives me energy, and makes me feel ready to take on the dayno matter what day it is or where we are.

Danny's nieces & I at the wedding.

Danny’s nieces & I at the wedding.

T Minus 1 Week Until I’m a Bridesmaid!

So I am a bridesmaid in my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding exactly ONE week from today- Friday the 13th- I know, yikes. I have been saying it is crunch time since 6 weeks out, but I really haven’t done much different.

I am determined in the next 7 days to do something to switch it up and confuse my body! Why? Muscle confusion always provides positive results. It works new muscles in new ways and leaves you less bored- double bonus!

Ntm I want to feel slender in my dress. It is super comfy and beautiful. But the waist feels a little snug and the strapless neck, with 1-shoulder sheer overlay leaves room to see any “arm pit fat” (technical term = Sternocostal Head Pectoralis Major.)

I will not go crazy and starve myself all week, nor will I workout multiple times in one day, but I do want to try a short cleanse (Simply Slender Master Cleanse 48hr Lemonade Diet) and I will make small changes that I can keep up with until the big day: drink more water, drink less alcohol, eat more fruits and vegetables, & make sure I do some sort of physical activity EVERY day.

Here is my tenative ‘sweat schedule’ (lululemon lingo):

SaturdayKickboxing date with best friend at LA Fitness

SundayOutdoor activities at or near the beach with boyfriend

Monday– Partner HIIT training at the gym with our trainer, Coach Jerome + 30-45 minutes of strength (chest) training

Tuesday530am Spin 6:30pm Boot Camp

Wednesday– 20 minutes of Cardio + 40 Minutes of strength training

Thursday– 25 minutes of HIIT workout (25 minutes at minimum, with details TBD)

FridayMy goal is to I am going to get a hotel workout in before our beautification process of the bridal party begins since it won’t be until at least 9am 🙂 Stay tuned for the post of what workout I go with!

*Side note* I also plan include some type of arm exercise- pushups, pullups, curls, etc- every day, since these bad boys will be exposed.

Douschy Selfie