#fitcouple – to be or not to be?

#fitfam this and #fitspo that… blah blah, everyone with an instagram account thinks their the next Jillian Michaels. But when it comes to your signifcant other, do they need to have the same exercise preferences as you do?

someecards - i just wanna cuddle n talk ab eat and workout

I used to be someone who didn’t want to workout with anyone at the gym. First because I was scared & out of shape, then because I didn’t want anyone interrupting my zone. My brother used to talk and rest like crazy. My ex used to tell me ‘dont go so heavy’ or ‘do it this way’ or ‘dont do it that way’.

do you even lift mikayla maroney

Now adays I find myself more frequently wishing I had a spot, someone to push me harder, help me past previous limits. {Okay, maybe I just really need a lifting partner, but idk how a girl finds one of them outside of a bf.}

fitcouple - find something you love and someone to share it with

Then I start to wonder… what if I am obsessed? what if I don’t want to do this one day? Shouldn’t I start looking for someone who just loves me?

you see iw oudl date you but

Then I realize after going on dates and hanging with friends… the time I spend with people who don’t lift or eat like I do, is usually a “treat” or “cheat day”.

the rock on cheat day

So I guess regardless of what the future may hold, if  someone sees how I spend my spare time as an ‘obsession’ or ‘disgusting’ I’ll probably be showing them the door. My significant other will need to understand why I like to workout, why i like to lift, why i like to eat healthy- look strong, feel strong, be strong.

fitcouple - wedding cake topper


The Only Certainty in Life is Change, Mofo

If you don’t read this whole thing, I’ve included lots of picture quotes and hopefully one of them resignates with you. This is more personal than usual, but its my blog damnit so read it or not! If not? I’m cool with it- obviously- bc I have no choice anyway!

failure is opporunity to begin again

Story time kiddos so you grasp where this comes from:

Once upon a time 3 years ago, to nearly this exact date, I went on what I was convinced was my last “first date” ever. Well I was wrong. That’s not the problem either… For once I led with my heart, I lived in the moment, we blazed a trail and created a story for ourselves. I don’t regret a stinkin minute of it, NOR do I regret the fact that we are no longer together. Let me explain…


When it came down to it, after 2.5 years time, we inevitably came to the decision that our differences were too vast to overcome. Happiness no longer outweighed unhappiness, things were too difficult, we lost what we once had and it certainly not because we wanted to but because we had different values, and passions, and visions for our own futures…


Anywho, lets skip the sappy story and cutoff the violins because there’s a rainbow and the pot of gold at the end of the tunnel. Cue the drum roll for the cliche words of wisdom…


Here me out though. Its TRUE. It didn’t feel like it at the time. I was a lost puppy with no direction in the middle of a cloud of complete sadness, despite being in agreement with the decision. Say what? Talk about emotional turmoil! Oye.

Well once I was over the hump of looking and acting like a complete zombie, I committed to reinvest myself in my passions. I knew if anything would bring me back to life, they would. I knew if I wanted to be surrounded by more people like myself, this was the way to go. I discovered I could not have been listening to my gut while I was devoting all of my time and energy into another person’s life, hopes, and dreams. Yikes.


I had been certified to teach spin for almost 2 years, taught for a couple months, and then allowed “life” to eliminate this from my routine. I made up excuses for why I wasn’t taking classes, let alone teaching them. I happened to find a spin instructor opening at a new studio nearby. [side note: sometimes new places can be a risky move, as I have found out the hard way in the past, but I just wanted to teach again.] It was time to do something I know I can do well and make some extra money for my newly incurred expenses as ‘Miss Independent‘. ((i didn’t even watch idol, but i love kelly for so many reasons. ❤ )) Well guess what, I’ve been teaching there ever since; I love the owners and the environment. I am thankful to have found them and to be teaching among a positive, community-driven place.

When we set out to do the best we can do, it is inevitable that great opportunity finds us because we are doing what tru

I love being around kids and I grew up as a gymnast. The (sometimes) wonderful world of social media connected me to an old friend who helped me to also acquire a part-time position coaching.

Blah, blah, blah…  Moral of the story?

Just because the past didnt... future better than imagines