I want to pump. you. up.

In the words of Arnold, acutally, Hanz & Franz… I want to pump. you. up.

arnold pec


I haven’t been steady on here, but lots of moving parts and trying to take the necessary steps to big things!

1. Moved. Closer to all the people, places, i need to be and see on a more consistent basis.

2. Booked flights & hotel to Arnold Sports Festival aka the olympics of lifting and so many other amazing things that require incredible strength. There will be so much for me to absorb here both personally and professionally for the future.


Everyone is going to music festivals…

music festival

And I’m over here trying to go to fitness festivals…

arnold fitness festival

3. Started a 10 week plan from T-Nation. Don’t hold me to all 10 weeks, but so far so good. Week 1 is just about complete. I was sore and challenged, but can definitely do more so I’m hoping the progression aspect will push the limits.

Just enjoying the journey 🙂

create what sets your heart on fire


Even goddesses, like Jennifer Aniston, take breaks

I know I “shouldn’t be” worried about working out on a 9-day trip to Thailand, but I am!

phucket thailand girl on beach

Going to be *ME* 😎



Maybe I’ll blame SHAPE magazine for sharing this article on FB right around the same time I was thinking about it…


Or my brother for asking me at Thanksgiving if I am scared I will lose my gains. “ha ha” we all laughed, but the answer is yes!

missed a workout who am i

Not because of what I look like while I’m there. I’m going by myself so I am actually at ease with that. Which is a nice change and something you probably don’t even realize affects you.

buddha - the journey of self by self to self

More so bc I have been getting in some great lifts and reaching new maxes. I do not want to get too far behind. Catching up takes soOo long and I have allowed more slips prior to the trip than I wanted. Womp womp- I’m human.

austin powers rest

My hotels do have gyms, but I think my personal goal is to limit that. One hotel offers Muay Thai though! How awesome will it be to take Muay Thai in Thailand- I’m in!

keep calm muay thai


#fitcouple – to be or not to be?

#fitfam this and #fitspo that… blah blah, everyone with an instagram account thinks their the next Jillian Michaels. But when it comes to your signifcant other, do they need to have the same exercise preferences as you do?

someecards - i just wanna cuddle n talk ab eat and workout

I used to be someone who didn’t want to workout with anyone at the gym. First because I was scared & out of shape, then because I didn’t want anyone interrupting my zone. My brother used to talk and rest like crazy. My ex used to tell me ‘dont go so heavy’ or ‘do it this way’ or ‘dont do it that way’.

do you even lift mikayla maroney

Now adays I find myself more frequently wishing I had a spot, someone to push me harder, help me past previous limits. {Okay, maybe I just really need a lifting partner, but idk how a girl finds one of them outside of a bf.}

fitcouple - find something you love and someone to share it with

Then I start to wonder… what if I am obsessed? what if I don’t want to do this one day? Shouldn’t I start looking for someone who just loves me?

you see iw oudl date you but

Then I realize after going on dates and hanging with friends… the time I spend with people who don’t lift or eat like I do, is usually a “treat” or “cheat day”.

the rock on cheat day

So I guess regardless of what the future may hold, if  someone sees how I spend my spare time as an ‘obsession’ or ‘disgusting’ I’ll probably be showing them the door. My significant other will need to understand why I like to workout, why i like to lift, why i like to eat healthy- look strong, feel strong, be strong.

fitcouple - wedding cake topper

New Year, New (pre-planned) Workouts?

So I am not claiming I will plan every workout in 2014, but having this one ready-loaded for me was prett-ty nice! It’s not that I am against knowing what I am doing ahead of time, its that I never can find “the right” things. It feels like freaking Goldilocks and the three bears… ones too easy, ones too long, one has stuff I don’t have time or resources to figure out what the exercises are, one I don’t have a spot or a partner, or I those muscles are still sore from last time, and my list could go on…

I stumbled upon this, from Men’s Health and Human Fit Project, it looked like a good start! (my modifications follow)

Mens Fitness_Power Hour

Oh my gosh why did I do a workout from a MEN’S website? Ewie. Well people, there is more information available for lifting weights on a “Men’s” site. Listen that guy has muscles and I want some too, so I follow them… The key is to then adapt it to my capability or program.

Take the above for example:

I completed shoulder exercises 1&2 back-to-back, followed by 3 & 4 done in the same way. This helped me move through them faster, which was good for my timing and also my fitness goals. I also finished off with 5 minutes of running a 7.4 on the treadmill. (baby steps people, baby steps)

My biceps were sore from this. Not my shoulders. My shoulders are weaker though, so I tend to go lighter to maintain form. Guess I’ll be amping it up next time! Good luck.



Quality Quads Anyone?

Quality Quads Anyone?

I have been feeling as though my quads get neglected, so when I saw Muscle & Fitness’ post on fb about how to amp it up, you know I clicked right through. But guess what- to my disappointment and happiness- all at once. I do these exercises already! I guess I was hoping to see something I have been missing, but it looks like I am on the right path (I mean, they are the ones who called them ‘tried and true’) I am thinking maybe its just time to jack up the weights and/or frequency. I’ll keep searching for the magical quad killer in the meantime… and please send any suggestions

The Lifting Life

I loved this article from Spot Me Girl. The images had me cracking up at work!

by Sarah Hipps –

Through my existence in the weight room, I’ve had many identifying moments when it comes to fitness. When 2″ inseam spandex became my go-to apparel for any sort of working out, I knew I was a Volleyball player. When I could down Burger King before conditioning and still outperform, I knew I was a college athlete. And when rust stains on my shirt from some old plates became awesome to me…I knew I had become a gym rat. Yep, there is a time where we all realize we identify with a new crowd, so read on and bask in the warm glow that is your fellow comrades.

you love your calluses

If you don’t think calluses are cool, then you obviously don’t lift enough to know that they are a sign of hard work. Or you have baby soft hands, in which case I might say I’m a tad jealous. Everybody loves holding hands with a weight lifter right?



you get giddy for your workout

Sometimes you just can’t stop thinking about how awesome your workout is going to be. How awesome you’re going to feel. How awesome you’re going to look. How awesome you’ll be when you’re on stage at the Olympia! Ok, getting ahead of ourselves, but it’s safe to say this might be the best workout of all time about to happen.



you cheer at the scoop being on top

Nothing makes a fresh bucket of whey better than when you unscrew the lid and there the scooper is, just sitting on top waiting for you to scoop all its proteiny goodness. If that’s not the case, you tend to feel like this:




A beautiful gym can put a wide grin on your face. A beautiful gym with platforms? Is this heaven? Am I in heaven right now because if so, I’m going for PR’s on everything. BUMPER PLATES BABY!



you’re a pill pusher

My 80yo Grandma ain’t got nothing on my pill popping. Vitamins make your heart healthy and your muscles big! and they do other stuff too, idk the labels are pretty complicated.



you’ve debated casein cake recipes

You don’t know a good casein cake until you’ve topped that sucker with creamy PB2. Until then, get out of my face. Wait…your recipe contains berries? Hol’ up a sec



favorite feelings:

The pump: “Oh it feels so good!”
The soreness: “Oh it hurts so good!”
The admiration: “Oh you look so good!”



you use lingo you swore you wouldn’t. like, the pump

And macros, and negs, and bro, and brah, and broham..



you know when machines are moved at your gym

Idk whether to be happy about a new machine, or mad I have less room to walk my giant muscles around in.

seriously though

seriously though

too much meat? just more protein for muscles

“Have I told you lately, that I love you. Have I told you, nothing gets me gains quite like you?”



you’ve pulled a muscle you didn’t know you had

My sartori-what? I’m not here for science! I just want to lift things up and put them down.




This phrase sucks on cut days, but is glorious on cheat days.



pre-workout is a hell of a drug

One time I tried too much Assault and I thought I was on crack. Never tried crack, but I assume it’s what it might be like. Especially because I accidentally lifted the entire rack instead of just the barbell.



There are so many things that can be said on this list, but these are just a few. Once you realize you’re a lifter, it is best to just give in and go with it. We fully support your calorie counting, gym obsessed, mirror checking out self.
What else are signs that you are definitely a lifter? Continue the conversation below and remember, you’re with people who understand :)


16 Signs You Are a Gym Rat

16 Signs You Are a Gym Rat!

Ain’t no shame in relating to any of these. I bet my brother has 100% of them covered, actually. I immediately chuckled at #5, 9, 12, & 14.

This e-mail came at perfect timing for me… Our company had a “Guess the Weight of the Giant Pumpkin Contest”. You know how I guessed? I tried to imagine how many plates it felt like. You know how close I came? Within 10lbs! I was not the winner because someone guessed within half a pound, but I bet he did not use the same method I did. #gymratproblems



Posted by Evan Clark On 11 04 2013



1. You have more protein shakers than glasses in your apartment/house


2. You exchange the “weightlifters’ head nod” when you see another person in public who obviously lifts


3. You have specific songs on your iPod for specific lifts and for maxing out


4. When you wake up you’re already looking forward to that days protein shake


5. You own more gym clothes than work clothes


6. If you don’t tell the front desk employees at your gym that you’re going on vacation, they file a missing person report


7. Speaking of your gym’s front desk employees, you are on a first-name basis with all of them


8. You can rattle off Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes like it’s your job


9. You schedule your social life around your workout hours


10. You scope a quick flex in bathroom mirrors, tinted car and store front windows… and pretty much any reflective surface


11. You’ve watched GladiatorPumping Iron or any of the Rocky series to “pre-game” a workout


12. You have nicknames for at least 10 other members at your gym with whom you’ve never spoken to. ie. The Viking, Tonya Harding, The Grunter, Tready McTreadmills, Dream Weaver, Kermit, Zaaaaaam, Brotasaurus, The Bench Press Twins


13. You’ve looked at objects and thought, “I wonder if I can curl that?”


14. Bad day at work means a good day at the gym


15. You can add numbers by 5, 10 and 45 extremely fast in your head


16. You get more excited about receiving your JackedPack every month than your paycheck!


What do you think? Let’s keep adding to the list. Comment below with some signs you’re a Gym Rat and we’ll add the best ones to the list!