The next celeb beauty to release a fitness clothing line is…

Carrie Underwood!

carrie closeup


Did you know? I just discovered the link on Dicks¬†Sporting Goods and its happening this month! She’s a talented singer, but I’ve always heard she’s not such a nice person. {Even her mom admits it. Just sayin.} Wonder if “Calia” will win me over…


I want to pump. you. up.

In the words of Arnold, acutally, Hanz & Franz… I want to pump. you. up.

arnold pec


I haven’t been steady on here, but lots of moving parts and trying to take the necessary steps to big things!

1. Moved. Closer to all the people, places, i need to be and see on a more consistent basis.

2. Booked flights & hotel to Arnold Sports Festival aka the olympics of lifting and so many other amazing things that require incredible strength. There will be so much for me to absorb here both personally and professionally for the future.


Everyone is going to music festivals…

music festival

And I’m over here trying to go to fitness festivals…

arnold fitness festival

3. Started a 10 week plan from T-Nation. Don’t hold me to all 10 weeks, but so far so good. Week 1 is just about complete. I was sore and challenged, but can definitely do more so I’m hoping the progression aspect will push the limits.

Just enjoying the journey ūüôā

create what sets your heart on fire

Even goddesses, like Jennifer Aniston, take breaks

I know I “shouldn’t be” worried about working out on a 9-day trip to Thailand, but I am!

phucket thailand girl on beach

Going to be *ME* ūüėé



Maybe I’ll blame SHAPE magazine for sharing this article on FB right around the same time I was thinking about it…


Or¬†my brother for asking me at Thanksgiving if I am scared I will lose my gains. “ha ha” we all laughed, but the answer is yes!

missed a workout who am i

Not because of what I look like while I’m there. I’m going by myself so I am actually at ease with that. Which is a nice change and something you probably don’t even realize affects you.

buddha - the journey of self by self to self

More so bc I have been getting in some great lifts and reaching new maxes. I do not want to get too far behind. Catching up takes soOo long and I have allowed more slips prior to the trip than I wanted. Womp womp- I’m human.

austin powers rest

My hotels do have gyms, but I think my personal goal is to limit that. One hotel offers Muay Thai though! How awesome will it be to take¬†Muay Thai in Thailand- I’m in!

keep calm muay thai


#fitcouple – to be or not to be?

#fitfam this and #fitspo that… blah blah, everyone¬†with an instagram account thinks their the next Jillian Michaels. But when it comes to your signifcant other, do they need to have the same exercise preferences as you do?

someecards - i just wanna cuddle n talk ab eat and workout

I used to be someone who didn’t want to workout with anyone at the gym. First because I was scared & out of shape, then because I didn’t want anyone interrupting my zone. My brother used to talk and rest like crazy. My ex used to tell me ‘dont go so heavy’ or ‘do it this way’ or ‘dont do it that way’.

do you even lift mikayla maroney

Now adays I find myself more frequently wishing I had a spot, someone to push me harder, help me past previous limits. {Okay, maybe I just really need a lifting partner, but idk how a girl finds one of them outside of a bf.}

fitcouple - find something you love and someone to share it with

Then I start to wonder… what if I am obsessed? what if I don’t want to do this one day? Shouldn’t I start looking for someone who just loves me?

you see iw oudl date you but

Then I realize after going on dates and hanging with friends… the time I spend with people who don’t lift or eat like I do, is usually a “treat” or “cheat day”.

the rock on cheat day

So I guess regardless of what the future may hold, if ¬†someone sees how I spend¬†my spare time as an ‘obsession’ or ‘disgusting’ I’ll probably be showing them the door. My significant other will need to¬†understand why I like to workout, why i like to lift, why i like to eat healthy- look strong, feel strong, be strong.

fitcouple - wedding cake topper

Shopping isn’t the only thing you should start early… Got Goals?

Did you know that there are only 26 days between Halloween and Thanksgiving? Did you allow yourself to get more carried away than anticipated?

ecards - moan-room-candy-sweet-funny-ecard-KH4


That number¬†surprised¬†me. Social media is littered with 30-day challenges for this diet and that exercise BUT you wouldn’t be able to complete any of them before Thanksgiving, which is obviously America’s next binge. So what can you do until then and still see improvement? Pick 1 thing you want to change, devise a plan, and make yourself abide by¬†it {at least} until Turkey Day.

Goals - S.M.A.R.T.‘Eat better’ & ‘workout more’ are always¬†goals of mine. But when¬†I saw the above, I realized those actually aren’t goals. I couldn’t fill in the blanks of the S.M.A.R.T.


Here is my SMART plan:

‘Specific’ – My current struggles are planning enough leg workouts around the spinning classes I teach. The goal is to increase the frequency of which I strength train legs.

‘Measurable’ – Include at least 1 leg workout for each spin class I teach, which is a guaranteed 2x per week. I will do this the day of or the day following.

‘Attainable’- Making leg day the very next day after spin class will ensure I am not creating delayed onset soreness prior. Preventing soreness and muscle tiredness beforehand, will help keep me on leg-lifting track!

‘Relevant’ – Making my legs stronger will not only help me feel better on the inside & look better on the outside, ¬†but will also improve my teaching abilities and thus my classes for my riders.

‘Time Bound’ – Through the month of November.

Ask yourself if what you are doing today gets you closer to tomorrow

 So what is one reasonable thing you want to, can, and will change? Maybe there is an eating habit you want to break? Sleep you want to get? Places you need to arrive on time? A book you want to read?

Pick it and do it. Commit to the goal and yourself.

we are what we repeatedly do



Fitbits just got fancy

¬†Just when you felt good about your decision on¬†a fitness tracker,¬†comes Tory Birch designs for FitBit…¬†

TB_22145803_663Someone mentioned this to me at work just last week- my commitment to fitness is not so secret, plus I used to rock the FitBit Force on the reg- but I hadn’t heard of it yet. I brushed it off thinking it couldn’t be that wonderful then…¬†bam!¬†PureWow e-mails me with an article and links.


My Force was a recalled device from FitBit, mind you, they did also take it back and refund me. So theoretically, I need to replace it, right? Or is this for the category of women who only dress the part? TBD….¬†



Girl Talk is all Talk, but not all Truth

The following is not intended as a pat-myself-on-the-back rant, the purpose is to discuss people not knowing the amount of dedication it takes to achieve the final result.

This morning at the gym, a woman made the “… you’re young, you can get away with it” reference. I’ve been hearing something along these lines more and more lately… As in since you are young you don’t have to eat as healthy or work out as hard because your body will still retain its shape. I’ve heard this from various older women and while it may be easy to make this comment, it’s just not true.

Yes, many of my friends are thin and they don’t do a thing to work for it-bitches. BUT hellooo… I’m in the gym with you, so obviously I do (choose to) work for what I have AND what I want. I am always a work in progress.


I do sometimes think its funny that most of my office does not know how much time and effort I invest into the gym, and cooking, and post-workout pre-work mirror-flexing selfies:

PWO Bathroom Selfie

No its NOT just ‘the way I am’ and no its NOT just the way you are or ‘have to’ be. My priorities are always about the bigger, most-fulfilling picture and for me that sometimes puts me in¬†a different boat… Those who say are different than those who do, but we all started somewhere. The desire for change must overcome the fear of the obstacles. (<– one of my favorite, 100% truth quotes)

The Rock - success is about consistency greatness will come

i secretly (maybe not anymore) ‚̧ The Rock

Most people say you are doing something exceedingly well if you are making it look easy. So I’ll chalk it up to that and keep on keepin’ on!