The next celeb beauty to release a fitness clothing line is…

Carrie Underwood!

carrie closeup


Did you know? I just discovered the link on DicksĀ Sporting Goods and its happening this month! She’s a talented singer, but I’ve always heard she’s not such a nice person. {Even her mom admits it. Just sayin.} Wonder if “Calia” will win me over…


I don’t sweat, I sparkle

I don't sweat, I sparkle

These little buggers have been on my radar since at least last summer. I never purchased them because I assumed they were a fad and I already love my lululemon headbands. Duh.

But now I get it! The sparkle, the felt, the adjustable bra strap closure… it all adds up to gloriousness. They look cute, are soft on your head, stay put, and can be adjusted. This means little girls (or just women with little heads) can wear them and you can tighten them as they stretch out. (Lord knows mine will because I wear the crap out of them).

I want every stinkin color. I purchased mine at a local craft fair for $7. Which if you don’t already know, is half the price of the actual Sweaty Bands. I even want my company to get on the 8 ball and start selling them. Click the picture to be taken to Cre8tive Activity’s EBay store- she offers $1 flat rate shipping. Aww Yeaaa.

(‘Cool racerback’ tank and ‘aspire’ sports bra are shown with the headband. Those are from my beloved lululemon.)

lululemon shorts compared to each other and the NFL Cheerleaders’

Battle of the lululemon shorts… Which is better?
fast track vs shorty short

Well I’d like to start off by saying I am not a shorts-kinda-girl.

They typically leave me feeling like this:

Aly Raisman – 2012 Gold Medal Olympian

Fabric? Fast track shorts are luon. Shorty Shorts are luxstreme. Personal Preference? Fast track shorts. The luxstreme have a grip hem & waistband, which I do not need, as I am not a runner and it makes me feel like this guy:


Pockets? BOTH have em: Fast Track shorts have a zipper pocket on left leg and zipper pocket on back of waistband. Shorty shorts have flat non-zipper pockets on both legs, plus classic back-waistband zipper pocket. Winner? Shorty shorts. The pocket is angled, easily accessible, and fits my iphone.

Length? I own the same size in both pairs. The Fast Track are a little longer, both feel short:

Eagles NFL Cheerleaders

Okay, maybe they aren’t that short but I still can’t help myself from pulling them down… constantly. Not because they ride up, just because I can’t help it!


Fit? I sized up from my normal lulu size in both pairs. They fit comfortably under normal circumstances. During a workout- they tend to loosen up in the waist… Leading me to believe this is the battle everyone fights in workout wear. TIght enough to stay up/support vs loose enough to be comfortable? Ugh.

Overall? If I had to, had to pick- I’d go with fast track. But I wish I could combo them. I love the pockets on the shorty short, but love the luon and slightly longer length and non-grip hem of the fast track.

Ultimately, I probably should just skip both! They’re great items, just not for me.