I am not thankful for my family

bc they are not thankful for me.

Okay that sounds a little bitter, but it is more like they are not thankful for the food that I eat. Everyone always tells me “I’m so proud of how healthy you are” but then when I bring any of my recipes over, its as if I cooked skunk meat. 

So once I realized I had not prepared any food or even entertained an idea of what food i could bring… I also realized I am not going to, nor am I going to feel bad about it, because no one else would appreciate it.

joker - eat mcdonalds ok eat clean freak out

With that said, I am trying to be more understanding of the fact that my mother compared my gluten free request to that of a vegan. BUT the mother she was discussing it over lunch with actually cooked a regular Thanksgiving meal and a vegan one for her son’s girlfriend. My mom refuses, so 1 point for the other Mom.

someecards - clean-eating-meme

I even created a Pinterest board filled with gluten free versions of Thanksgiving recipes. I tried to find food they like and its GF version that still looked delicious. My logic was they’d see GF could still taste good, despite their pre-conceived notions. How easy could I make it? I normally wouldn’t eat everything included in these recipes either, but I was willing to just take whatever I could get!

maury - lie detector gluten free

I don’t know anyone else in my family who will feel forced to eat things they TRULY wouldn’t normally eat, or who is going to show up dreading having to pick and choose certain things, or anyone else who will be worried about feeling sick for days after. I will get to fit in with the majority and feel like a fat ass though. How exciting!

Look at all this food i cant eat



On a ‘Quest’ for a Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae Skillet- aka Heaven in my Mouth

After divulging my latest accomplishment of a chocolate chip cookie sundae on instagram, some of you have a hankering for the recipe. This was inspired by the most glorious dessert from a local crowd-pleasing restaurant, Redstone American Grill.

rsmarltonoutsideWhere, soon enough we will be able to eat outside on the patio again… Let the countdown begin!


I basically winged the ice cream portion of this dessert so I will try my best to offer some sort of measurement but it may be a case of keep tweaking it until it tastes up to par. The cookie was the easy part!

Ingredients- Makes 3 servings:

((Chocolate Chip Cookie))

– Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar: as many bars as servings you would like to make, 1 bar per serving

((Strawberry Protein Ice Cream))

– [Approximately] 1 C Frozen Strawberries

– 2 Light & Fit Vanilla Greek Yogurts

– 2 Scoops Vanilla Whey Protein Powder (I use EAS)

– 1t Vanilla

– 1T Xanthan gum  (I found a single-serving packet at Shop Rite. Bigger servings are more expensive and I haven’t baked with it enough to warrant the purchase… yet. Ntm I didn’t even use the whole packet for this one!)

– 1-2 cups ice

– 3T mini chocolate chips (for garnish)


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

While oven preheats begin your ice cream concoction.

2. Blend yogurt, protein, and strawberries; add in xanthan and vanilla & blend again

3. Fold in ice. Throw a few cubes in, blend, test your consistency. Continue to add ice until thickened

4. ‘Ice cream’ will actually be more like very thick shake {compliments of the frozen fruit, xanthan gum, and ice}, but not quite a scoopable ice cream. –> The longer you give it time to thicken up in the freezer, the more ice cream-like it will become. But #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Put the ice cream in your freezer and revert your attention to your cookie goodness.

5. Microwave quest bars for 10-15 seconds

6. Fit and press each quest bar into a 4″ mini-baking pan (I purchased a 3-pack at AC Moore for about $5)

7. Bake in oven for 8 minutes

8. When cookies are done, do not allow them to cool as you typically would. Quest bars cool quickly and the concept of this dessert is a warm cookie with ice cream. Get them right onto a plate, grab your ice cream, divvy it up, sprinkle chocolate chips on each andddd voila!

*Side note: My ice cream-to-cookie ratio was way over, so I just used what I needed and jarred the ice cream to have another day 🙂

quest_chocolate chip cookie skillet

nomnomnom… or in Redstone terminology, NOSH 😛