In a world of self-proclaimed instagrammers, tweeters, facebook post-ers… Why would you follow me? Why would I start a page? Who died and made me fitness queen?

Let me start by saying I don’t know it all. Maybe a good amount though? The point of this blog is for me to share with you and vice versa.

Everyone out there is trying the newest diet, but I am over here trying the up-and-coming fitness classes or training programs and exercises!

Diet – as they call it – is really about staying on track as often as humanly possible, in ways that work for YOU. With that said, this is not a page where I will talk much about what you should or shouldn’t be eating , but I definitely will post any fun & healthy recipes I (try to) make along the way! I am moderately obsessed with turning guilty pleasures into some version of sugar free, low-carb, or high protein… ah yes, immediate gratification justified. #boom

On the other hand, workouts are an entirely different animal! I hate doing the same workout more than once. I will, but I won’t like it. I get bored easily… As in I don’t even do the same exercise twice in a week. If you’re here, then we are in the same boat, no matter what fitness level you think you’re at.

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