Gluten Free, I Guess…

I am going to warn you up front- this post has no answers, just like me! Anyhow, for what’s probably been almost two years now, I’ve been having digestive issues. No matter what weight I’m at and no matter what supplements I’ve added or food I’ve eliminated, the problem has become progressively worse over the past 6-months.


Have tried adding:

vegetables, milk thistle, cinnamon, probiotics, fiber, green tea, coffee, ginger, lemon, prunes, whole grains, flax seed, chia seed, amino acids, chromium, Linzess (prescription), eating fewer larger meals

Have tried eliminating:

Nuts and fats in general, meat (entirely because I only ate lean meats as it was), cheese and greek yogurt (only dairy in my diet), egg (whole and yolk), broccoli (can cause bloating), bananas, eating many small meals

Tests I have had:

Blood work, Hydrogen Breath Test (lactose), Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Nutrition Response Testing

Without getting into all of my symptoms, I can tell you that when I am at my worst I have been in tears, almost the ER, flat on my back, in elastic pants, missing work, missing the gym, etc. Almost every meal affects me to some degree, the most minimal distention is now a “good” day.

So far no doctor has given me a clear cause, answer, or solution. Hence my own trial & errors listed above.  Anything I’ve tried has been based on research on sugar and carbohydrate intolerance.


If “good carbs” take the body longer to digest, then are they actually “bad carbs” for me?

I currently take amino acids and tri-chromium daily to help my body digest any carbohydrates I consume (simple or complex) and feel my best when I stick as closely as possible to a gluten free plan.

Eating out has actually gone more smoothly than cooking myself sometimes. I guess they know what is or isn’t gluten free and I am more likely to slip up. Indian restaurants have seemed to have the most options because, to me, even gluten free pasta is still pasta.

gluten free Udis

I wouldn’t eat these if I weren’t ‘gluten free’, but now I am more willing to let it slide because at least I won’t have all the other symptoms…

Next Up?
Doctor says – 1. more blood work to 100% rule out Crohn’s  2. 30-day prescription trial

My plan – stick to gluten free and investigate FODMAPs. The initial look was overwhelming since there is no clear cut path, but I definitely think it will be worth a try since even gluten free hasn’t solved my issues… although I probably haven’t stuck to gluten free 100%, although I have no idea… That’s why I wish my doctors could help or I knew who else to go to who can.


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