Pumpkin Season is Upon us *Oops* I mean, Fall….

Hip-hip-hooray for fall! Well actually, I think the only reason {besides football, go birds!} people get so excited is because of the return of pumpkin flavor everything. I mean really, where do they all come from in the blink of an eye?

Any smart retailer has hopped on this bandwagon, in hopes of drawing you in. There’s pumpkin flavored pancakes, coffee, cream cheese, ice cream, butter, donuts, cheesecake, muffins, scones, chocolate, creamer, vodka, beer, etc etc etc. But here comes Debbie Downer… rewind and review those items. None of them are healthy! So when you add a pumpkin flavor, it doesn’t make it a vegetable. Sorry Charlie.

All foods in moderation, but don’t pick up the pumpkin on the reg, save it as a treat to yourself. Or figure out other ways you can get the flavor without turning yourself into a pumpkin.

cinderella and prince pumpkin

A’la my Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake:

Protein Shake - Pumpkin Pie


Here are some of the best and the worst fast food chain items from Fitbie – shocker – the best ones don’t take away allll the fun. There’s still pie & fro yo, amongst other goodies,  in there.

If that doesn’t convince you, here are some of the ingredients that make up a beloved Pumpkin drink at your local green guy:



Moral of the story? As in any case, you’re always better off making something from scratch.


PS- I’m 100% more of an apple gal myself. SO if you find yourself in my boat, this pumpkin crap is for the birds {not football talk this time}. But every year I try it again, thinking ‘hey, self, maybe your tastes have changed and you can fit in with the cool kids, even though you’re better off not eating the donuts and waffles anyways, and all the apple goodness is enough temptation without adding pumpkin to the mix’

…In any case, this shake was friggen tasty AND healthy. Win Win.


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