Girl Talk is all Talk, but not all Truth

The following is not intended as a pat-myself-on-the-back rant, the purpose is to discuss people not knowing the amount of dedication it takes to achieve the final result.

This morning at the gym, a woman made the “… you’re young, you can get away with it” reference. I’ve been hearing something along these lines more and more lately… As in since you are young you don’t have to eat as healthy or work out as hard because your body will still retain its shape. I’ve heard this from various older women and while it may be easy to make this comment, it’s just not true.

Yes, many of my friends are thin and they don’t do a thing to work for it-bitches. BUT hellooo… I’m in the gym with you, so obviously I do (choose to) work for what I have AND what I want. I am always a work in progress.


I do sometimes think its funny that most of my office does not know how much time and effort I invest into the gym, and cooking, and post-workout pre-work mirror-flexing selfies:

PWO Bathroom Selfie

No its NOT just ‘the way I am’ and no its NOT just the way you are or ‘have to’ be. My priorities are always about the bigger, most-fulfilling picture and for me that sometimes puts me in a different boat… Those who say are different than those who do, but we all started somewhere. The desire for change must overcome the fear of the obstacles. (<– one of my favorite, 100% truth quotes)

The Rock - success is about consistency greatness will come

i secretly (maybe not anymore) ❤ The Rock

Most people say you are doing something exceedingly well if you are making it look easy. So I’ll chalk it up to that and keep on keepin’ on!



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