Mixing Business with Pleasure Isn’t Always a No No

This weekend will consist of commuting back and forth between long days of what I can only imagine will be the most fascinating weekend workshop ever!

Drumroll…. HackFit.

hackfit_hack sweat launch


I haven’t been before BUT the concept seems semi-Shark Tank with the exception that all ideas are brought to life via positive conditions, which are completely conducive to brainstorming and ALL concepts are health & fitness related. aka – more people like me. (yay!)

SO I am pitching an idea… Why not?



I have been sitting on my idea for over 2 years, without knowledge of how to execute. I hope to get the others on board within my 60-second, visual aid-less time limit. Props to the staff for implementing a ‘verbal pitch only’ rule bc some of these marketing  & IT guys could probably steamroll me with a Pixar-level, short movie of a pitch. In any case, even if my concept is not “picked” to be hacked this weekend, I know I will be on a team supporting someone else’s awesome project, making sh*t happen. It’s a win-win situation.

To top it all off, guess what else is entailed in the weekend?! Healthy food  (i hope they know i eat 5x a day) and breaks filled with yoga, spin, rock climbing, crossfit, etc.

I am crossing my fingers I can make spin at FlyWheel one of my classes. Just by stalking following their social media they look like a team I need to experience a ride with! STAT… even if its another time.

flywheel instructor NTC LA

FlyWheel LA for Nike NTC.. I mean really!? 😎

Duh if exercise stimulates your brain, why wouldn’t we do this mid-workday? To further motivate us, there will be a contest based on how active each team is and those with the highest numbers get a prize. Winner winner chicken dinner!



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