Don’t Drop that Thun Thun

Warm-Up: 8 minute elliptical

Strength: Incremental Back Squats to 5 rep failure.


For some reason I found this fitting to come on during squats. Although I also found out that dropping the “thun thun” means something else ((yea thats right, I had to look it up on urban dictionary #whitegirlproblems)). I’ve made up my own meaning to be ‘butt’, which I actually did drop!


Circuit x 3 rounds:

1. Goblet Squats on Bosu Ball x25

HOW TO BOSU SQUAT (I held 1 kettlebell centered to add weight)

2. Mountain Climbers x25

I alternated between the standard and the cross-over. There are multiple variations you can incorporate to switch things up…. Push-up, Spiderman, Jumper, Grasshopper,Dawg Mountain, Standing.

3. AKB Swings x25 (My last set I only did 10 bc i increased my weight substantially as a personal test/challenge)

AKB Swings

4. Plank (feet elevated on Bosu) x60 seconds

Plank with feet on bosu

Finisher: 2 Minute Sprint

*PS* The elliptical would normally be about 10 minutes, however, I had a sample of (watermelon, mmm) Cellucor Pre-Workout on my ride over and when that kicked in, it was GO TIME. I {personally} do not recommend daily use of pre-workout, but I knew I wanted to amp it up today since my workout tomorrow will be the spin class I am teaching- aka- all cardio.


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