Intensity is a Necessity

Hey Party People!

Recent reads have led me to believe its not the weight I need to increase, its my intensity. I can’t find the article, however, calorie decrease is not always the answer- do you believe it? I didn’t!

The explanation makes sense… if you are like so many of us and your job requires you to be at a desk for a lot of the day, your body adapts to calorie reduction. SO I’m not saying eat more, but I am saying workout HARDER. You can accomplish this through increasing frequency, weight, reps, sets, etc but you do not necessarily need to increase your time spent at the gym (phew! #aintnobodygottimeforthat)

Fact is, strength training has become my new comfort zone. So here is how I worked in some of each of the training methods yesterday:

Incline Bench Press

–> 5 SETS (increasing weight): Start with bar only, then increase weights with each set [ I added plates in increments of 10lbs, aka 5lbs each side] REPS = 12, 10, 8 , 6, 3

–> 5 DROPSETS back down to zero lbs on the bar.

Bench press on an incline


15 thrusters + 12 burpees, jump touch bar overhead

10 minute time cap (hence: As Many Reps As Possible)

thrusters A B C

Above is your ‘how to’ on the thruster. Below is an example of how you perform the burpee. The entire rep in the vid is something to strive for {in my case} or a way to amp it up (try it, you wont!) if you are more advanced. Jump and reach for the bar is my first step to get there. #alwaysreachinghigher

ABs & Tank Emptier

Side-plank raises 10x each side + Bosu Ball Chest Press (15x)

side plank raises

*Note: I prefer to warm-up, strength train, HIIT/circuit train, then finish up with a quick run or abs to drain it all out of the tank. ‘They’ say you always need to warm up before anything and strength training should always come before cardio, hence my structure above.

‘Did the new plan work’ you ask me? Yes, my heart rate was increased beyond my comfort zone during the entire AMRAP and today I am sore. Victory!

arnold intensity


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