Fuel, Farts, and the Five Pound Shed

I took my phone off ‘airplane’ mode* for lunch and, to my surprise, it starts blowing up! I am not Ms Popular so I assumed it was a group message gone crazy. Get this, it was 3 separate people, each with their own health and fitness questions! (*I don’t get a signal in my office, my phone dies while it constantly tries to find one, so I just put it on airplane since I can’t get calls anyway. cool right? nah i don’t think so either.)

I get nervous to dish out info because every theory works differently for every body. Also because the only information I have is an accumulation of beliefs from lessons learned over the years.  I want to share these because they seem like pretty common questions & problems…

Q 1.  Do you use a pre-workout? Do you use anything specific to tone?

Q 2.  ‘I’ve changed my eating habits from junk to healthy, but now I am super gaseous, what gives?’

Q 3. I haven’t weighed myself in awhile, but just did and I gained 5lbs. What’s the quickest way to shed it?


1. Not consistently. Your body builds tolerance to pre-workouts, just like energy drinks and coffee. Eventually you will have to increase your intake and/or switch brands. I do use them when I know I am going to the gym at an off time for my body and I need the extra pep in my step. In this case, my go to is Xtreme Shock which can be found at your local Vitamin Shoppe in packs of 4. I like this product because you can buy it in a small quantity for a reasonable price ($8) and its already made. Not to mention, I only need 1/2 bottle, so it lasts twice as long!

preworkout kicks in


I take a multi-vitamin every day. I have tried… tonalin, l-carnitine, fish oil, milk thistle, dandelion root… those are just the things I can remember off the top of my head. I kind of gave up on the supplements bc I cannot tell which helps what. But I have started up on l-carnitine again because I like what I read about its benefits, especially with regards to ‘energy, endurance, and power‘. It is also good for those of you who do not eat a lot of meat because that is where CARNitine comes from.

Obviously every supplement has benefits, so do not fall into the trap of 100 pills like a 90 year old sick person. Figure out where your body may be deficient and try to support yourself that way. Supplements are supposed to be exactly as they are named… supplements- not replacements. So don’t skip out on milk and calcium enriched foods just bc you are taking a multi-vitamin or calcium supplement. Catch my drift?

2. whole foods filled stomach

When switching from processed foods to whole foods, your digestive track can be thrown off guard. Don’t let this deter you! Now that there is fiber and nutrients in your food, your body can actually break down what you eat and use it. Any diet switch may cause changes, but once the body adapts, you will be on a much more consistent track!

So the video below is a bit nasty but helps for all you visual learners:

3. Yea we all want to lose 5lbs… there are various factors that could affect your weight. In the case of this friend, I encouraged her to account half of that to her Aunt Flow; then 2.5lbs to lose doesn’t seem so bad. You should also always weigh yourself first thing in the morning, on the same scale. (I got rid of my scale bc I drove myself bonkers. You might want to consider that too if your getting crazy over 1/2lbs, like I was.) Keep the goals and changes small, but consistent.  They will be easier to accomplish and stick to. It didn’t take 1 week to gain the weight, it won’t go away that quickly either.

one bad meal wont make you fat

Changes to consider:

Drink more water, eat less sugar- even fruit-especially after 3pm, snack, eat whole foods, eat more protein, eat when you’re hungry not when you’re bored, do not buy mass quantities of garbage to then have it haunting you days later- throw it out or buy single servings when you need to. 100 Pounds 100 Days breaks it down nicely.

healthy swaps


Feel free to include any suggestions, corrections, theories, etc! 🙂


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