New Year, New (pre-planned) Workouts?

So I am not claiming I will plan every workout in 2014, but having this one ready-loaded for me was prett-ty nice! It’s not that I am against knowing what I am doing ahead of time, its that I never can find “the right” things. It feels like freaking Goldilocks and the three bears… ones too easy, ones too long, one has stuff I don’t have time or resources to figure out what the exercises are, one I don’t have a spot or a partner, or I those muscles are still sore from last time, and my list could go on…

I stumbled upon this, from Men’s Health and Human Fit Project, it looked like a good start! (my modifications follow)

Mens Fitness_Power Hour

Oh my gosh why did I do a workout from a MEN’S website? Ewie. Well people, there is more information available for lifting weights on a “Men’s” site. Listen that guy has muscles and I want some too, so I follow them… The key is to then adapt it to my capability or program.

Take the above for example:

I completed shoulder exercises 1&2 back-to-back, followed by 3 & 4 done in the same way. This helped me move through them faster, which was good for my timing and also my fitness goals. I also finished off with 5 minutes of running a 7.4 on the treadmill. (baby steps people, baby steps)

My biceps were sore from this. Not my shoulders. My shoulders are weaker though, so I tend to go lighter to maintain form. Guess I’ll be amping it up next time! Good luck.



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