Eat a lot lift a lot


I haven’t taken a day off since Christmas because of Christmas and New Years. I anticipated having to work extra hard so I could not fall behind, here’s what went down!

I read an article about 10×10 workouts and switched it up to suit me. I paired 2 muscle groups together, did 10 sets of 10 reps of 2 exercises at a time. (20 exercises total) This can be accomplished quickly if you keep rest to a minimum . One day was biceps and chest, while the following was triceps and back.
To round out the workouts, come the 3rd day I created a total body kettle bell circuit. This was 5 exercises, 25 reps a set, 3 rounds.
Before all 3 days I warmed up for about 10 minutes on the treadmill and then finished the work out with some cardio. Bike resistance intervals day one, running on day 2, and high speed stair run intervals for 5/10 minutes on the stepper.
Cardio, or workouts in general, do not have to be long if you make sure you max yourself out. For me, it is not always about the heaviest weights. It has to be a weight you can complete all reps with but still be challenged. The cardio at the end helps me feel like I’ve pushed that extra little bit!

Do you group exercises? Muscles? Cardio before or after?


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