Stupid Sore

So I’m trying to figure out how to make some changes and get back ahead of the game. I did a Saturday morning workout and then was not in the gym until Monday night. I felt well rested and super excited to go to town. Well maybe a pm workout followed by an am workout wasn’t the way… I think I am too sore. If there is such a thing, this might be it. 

 one does not simply walk after leg day

Interested in the workouts that created this love/hate feeling? Okay, well Monday’s pm consisted of the 1,000 Rep workout. Then I woke up Tuesday, with no plan, having drank a half of a pre-workout for the first time in a long time, and went (sporadically) balls to the walls again:

1. 10 minute elliptical warm up

2.  Narrow Squats = each set up until reach max, then back down to bar only; DEEP- when doing this you find you are not able to go as high in weight- thats ok!)+ Tricep Kickbacks (with a twist, palm down)

3. Lunges (DEEP, 1 side at a time) & Elevated Side squats

[couple of skin the cats to stretch a little for fun since there was only one person in the leg rack area… working on being able to pull myself back around. i kind of just dangle and try for now.]

4. Tricep Cable Pull (horizontal: bent to chest, out to straight arm), Standing Chest Pull, Standing Tricep Cable Pull-Down

5. 5 minute treadmill incline vs sprint intervals

ps- there could have been more but i forget. i did 3 rounds, 8-10 reps of each group of exercises.

Ready, set, GO!



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