Spinning through the Snow to the Radio

The short of the story is I taught this morning’s spin class to 106.1fm, the long of it has to do with my journey to say ‘yes’ in the first place and how it has to do with the yoga workshop I recently took with this guy:

Justin_1st stage of bhujipadasana aka the face smasher

(That’s Justin from Dhyana Yoga. Besides his stellar yoga skills, he’s a solid teacher and positive influence.)

Today’s forecast of snow wasn’t what had me debating a 9pm text last night, requesting a sub to for 530am spin… It was the other 85 reasons I created in my {self-defeating} head.

The head honcho (‘Director of Classes’) at the gym left me a message earlier in the day to ask if I was available to sub. This was the 1st time since I’ve been on the list so I was pretty stoked… Until she told me it would be a weekday at 930am. Boooo- No can do because of my work schedule. (why can’t we just have fun and workout all the time? who wants to work anyways? ) SO when she texted me again, in the same day with another request, I really wanted to make it happen. Especially since my goal is to sub there more and even teach my own class(es).

Easy, right? Wrong. I was unprepared with my music and thus the ride structure, so I stalled. Then the light bulb came on! I thought there must be a bang-up playlist online that I could find and just wing it.

I let her know my dilemma… which some of you may say ‘what a dummy, who would tell the director that they are unprepared?’ (i even doubted it myself) I wanted her to know that I wanted to do it, but it was dependent on finding tunes. I found an awesome playlist from JollySpins (thank you, thank you!) and immediately texted back saying ‘I set my alarm and will be there to teach the class so don’t cancel on them!’

As much as I make it seem like all I needed was a great playlist, I also needed some confidence and swift kick in the butt. Here’s the juicy learning experience:

Saturday I participated in a “Courage to Conquer Arm Balances” workshop with an instructor whom I had not taken class with in a very long time. Okay, I haven’t practiced yoga in a long time either- shh. 

Minus the soreness and bruises that followed, the arm balances felt awesome to accomplish! He had us doing the stuff he’s mastered over years,  just by breaking it down to the basics.


(I did this and you’ll never know if it looked like his or not. Lets just say it did!)

Yay arm balances! But the additional take aways from this workshop? Courage, believing in yourself, and pushing the extra (sometimes literally) two inches out of your comfort zone.

Odds are whatever it is you want to do, is something you could do if you would just freaking try it, especially when you have the know how.  I had a whole handful of excuses for why I shouldn’t teach in this situation. BUT once I found and listened to the songs on the new playlist, I could automatically envision spinning to it and who cared if I didn’t plan a structure in the way I usually do? I realized I have enough experience to offer a room full of spinners a great class, all I needed to do was stinkin’ trust myself instead of hold myself back. (holy realization)

Once I got over my epiphany, the rest would definitely be easy, right? Wrong! Came in this morning and could not, for the life of me, get the jack to work. My phone isn’t loud enough on its own and the only CDs in my car are Kelly Clarkson and Mumford and Sons (don’t judge me). Ultimately,  I grudgingly enlisted our last resort because cancelling is obviously not an option and we used the radio. OYE. You could only imagine how terrible this could go for me, I mean really! I have no idea what song is coming on or when plus there are commercials, traffic, the weather, so on and so forth.

Anyone who has a favorite class or instructor, knows there is nothing worse than having a stinky sub and workout.  Looking back, it seemed like everything was against me. But when you keep your focus in the moment, you only see the problems as obstacles. I’d say we made the best of it as a group and got our sweat on! 🙂 


One thought on “Spinning through the Snow to the Radio

  1. so glad you were able to use one of my playlists! I will be posting a new climbing playlist this weekend.

    p.s. – I have recently taken up yoga and love it! I look forward to checking in with your site in the future 🙂

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