16 Signs You Are a Gym Rat

16 Signs You Are a Gym Rat!

Ain’t no shame in relating to any of these. I bet my brother has 100% of them covered, actually. I immediately chuckled at #5, 9, 12, & 14.

This e-mail came at perfect timing for me… Our company had a “Guess the Weight of the Giant Pumpkin Contest”. You know how I guessed? I tried to imagine how many plates it felt like. You know how close I came? Within 10lbs! I was not the winner because someone guessed within half a pound, but I bet he did not use the same method I did. #gymratproblems



Posted by Evan Clark On 11 04 2013



1. You have more protein shakers than glasses in your apartment/house


2. You exchange the “weightlifters’ head nod” when you see another person in public who obviously lifts


3. You have specific songs on your iPod for specific lifts and for maxing out


4. When you wake up you’re already looking forward to that days protein shake


5. You own more gym clothes than work clothes


6. If you don’t tell the front desk employees at your gym that you’re going on vacation, they file a missing person report


7. Speaking of your gym’s front desk employees, you are on a first-name basis with all of them


8. You can rattle off Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes like it’s your job


9. You schedule your social life around your workout hours


10. You scope a quick flex in bathroom mirrors, tinted car and store front windows… and pretty much any reflective surface


11. You’ve watched GladiatorPumping Iron or any of the Rocky series to “pre-game” a workout


12. You have nicknames for at least 10 other members at your gym with whom you’ve never spoken to. ie. The Viking, Tonya Harding, The Grunter, Tready McTreadmills, Dream Weaver, Kermit, Zaaaaaam, Brotasaurus, The Bench Press Twins


13. You’ve looked at objects and thought, “I wonder if I can curl that?”


14. Bad day at work means a good day at the gym


15. You can add numbers by 5, 10 and 45 extremely fast in your head


16. You get more excited about receiving your JackedPack every month than your paycheck!


What do you think? Let’s keep adding to the list. Comment below with some signs you’re a Gym Rat and we’ll add the best ones to the list!


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