Mud Run Mania

Mud runs and obstacle courses are all over the country now. Their coverage might actually be better than some cell provider’s maps!

Naturally, I was itching to see what they are all about. I am no runner, but I loved the idea of a bad ass obstacle course.

It’s been on my brain for over a year, but dates and locations just never worked in my favor. Luckily, we found one close to home, and even better, I found a great price*.

(Deal Chicken + Ebates = 1/2 price entry to the Rebel Race)

Let me start by saying… I did not ‘train’ for the race, I felt comfortable enough to rely on my current fitness level to get me through- aka wing it! I essentially wanted to see what all the hub bubs about.

Cost info… Entry Fee for 2 people= $60, Homemade T-Shirts = $15 (Seen below), Parking: $10, Pictures from event photographer: $25 (cheapest package available, pre-race sale), 1 Veggie Burger + Water + Powerade: $10 =  Total: $130.00

For those of you who are familiar with the mud run phenomenon, this may sound like we got off easy. And we did, considering full-price entry was $65 per person. Other races surpass that price by far. Truth be told, others I have researched appear as if they may offer a better quality overall experience. I’ll leave those distinctions to the ‘gung-ho Garys’ of the mudrun world.

Super Troopers was dubbed to us by siblings bc of our competitiveness!

Super Troopers was dubbed to us by siblings bc of our competitiveness!

The obstacles were fun and all were achievable. The only one we didn’t do was because we are impatient, not lacking the skill or kahunas. The line got backed up so we jumped in and swam across! Instead of shimmying upside down on ropes and falling in anyway. Don’t judge- we had ants (and mud) in our pants!


Bottom line?
I would not do it any other way. As in, I would do it again BUT it was not worth more than what we paid, nor would I have wanted to tackle a longer distance. Especially after sliding down a plastic tube that dumped us into water so cold my chest tightened up. (yikes) I don’t mind being wet and dirty, but trouble breathing in unknown depths of water is a bit more of a scare than a challenge. Do one if you are interested! Just don’t forget all of the other factors that come into play 🙂

We decided ahead of time we would finish together. Which wasn’t my idea, but I secretly liked it, a lot. It was a blast and we lived to tell the story!




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