No one is watching you in group exercise classes

Ever want to try a group exercise class and don’t? Why?! I have heard of being scared because you don’t know if you are “in-shape” for it, don’t know what’s in store for you, or are scared that people are watching you like those geico eyes?

Funny Confession Ecard: I can't return to the gym until I lose some weight.

Well they’re excuses and they’re bologna!

Group exercise classes are as simple as their name… a bunch of people who want to work out to feel better. The guaranteed benefits are:

– A starting time makes you get to the gym by then (even if you’re dragging ass)

– The end time serves as your ‘light at the end of the tunnel’

– The instructor serves as your trainer- literally telling you what to do.

– Oh and those other people? They’re in the same boat as you! They don’t want to be judged, nor are they judging you. Everyone is trying to do their exercises to the best of their ability, as close to how the instructor says or does as possible.

– The door? You can leave if it’s too overwhelming. (Although I sincerely urge you to finish your first attempt, a good instructor will offer modifications.)

You never know what a exercise class entails until you go! If its challenging? its good! If you’re in pain or bored? That’s bad!

((Coach Jerome – One of my fav instructors! Do you have a fave? ))

Once you find a class you like, keep that in your schedule and try the newbies in addition to it. This way you still have you’re awesome class jusssst in case you need to balance a not-so-awesome one.

We are all at different levels- yet we are all in the same damn room, taking the same damn class, for the same damn reasons! That’s what separates us from those who are not doing anything differently to reach their goals.

What’s your fave class that you want everyone to try?

What’s a new class you have tried (out of your comfort zone)?

Get on it!


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