Desk Jockey Joint Pain

Desk Jockey Joint Pain

My hip hurts here and there, yes, just one. It must only be one because I sit like such the lady and cross my legs. (Actually I prefer Indian style, but it is not always realistic.) This all emerged after spending the last 14 months at a desk.

Coincedence? I think not. Am I alone? I think not.

It hurts ESPECIALLY after running, sometimes when doing certain strength exercises or high impact training, sitting down for long periods of time then standing up, etc. I continue to minimalize the pain even though I raised this concern to my doctor months ago.

Counteraction Plan?

I recently moved my computer placement out from the corner to improve my posture &f the wires could reach far enough, I would put it up high so I could stand.) Will also do the stretches you see in Mark’s Daily Apple.

I was already a fan of his, so when I googled my issue and his blog popped up I was not surprised and I was actually excited to get some advice from a trusted fellow blogger. I need to start making changes to reverse the damage I have been doing over the past 14 months.


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