Au contraire, snooze is not your friend

Guess what friends… I relinquished my will power to the snooze button for the second time this week. Yesterday was fine because it was “rest day”, but today? I screwed up. I have been swearing- pretty much to myself- that the mornings I hit snooze I actually end up more tired the rest of the day.

Now I must admit… I come up with a lot of theories in my head. In fact, my bf constantly says I shouldn’t believe myself unless confirmed by a professional because I (certainly) am not one. I’d like to ((fortunately and unfortunately)) confirm that I am right on this one! LifeHacker.comHuffington and various other sites all confirm it.

you snooze you lose

SO set your alarm to the time you seriously want to wake up at and when it goes off, man (or woman) up and roll yourself out of bed. You will nearly never feel like waking up but if you can just get your body physically out of bed, you’ll make it! Sleepcare even states this is how some people wake up at the same time on weekends or before their alarm goes off (over-acheivers).

Another self-proclaimed theory of mine is going to bed too tired will make you more tired too. We are a few episodes deep into the Netflix series House of Cards and will probably finish it almost as quickly as we finished Orange is the New Black. I must start the next episode earlier though because that is turning into a sleep killer, which is ultimately a work out killer, which is going to turn me into a killer!



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