Music Matters.

I tried a new (to me) spin time&teacher on Sunday morning- deeming it ‘Sunday Spin‘. It was a great class which pumped me up to get my butt in this morning in time for her 5:30am class!

Another use for a wedding reception rally towel!

Another use for a wedding reception rally towel!

It was to my disappointment when Sunday’s teacher was not the one riding the almighty ‘instructor’s bike’ this morning! BUT at this point- I’m already at the gym and in the spin room so why not give this girl a shot?

One song in- okay, we’re just warming up, right?

Two songs in- we’re pushing harder and I don’t know what song is playing and even if I did, it is not motivating me.

Three songs in- we’re (supposed to be) moving fast and the song kind-of-almost is.

I (almost) never leave a class early. But clearly, if I have to pep talk myself into staying until the 15 minute mark, I could probably definitely  enjoy a workout on my own, plus be more effective and efficient. So that’s what I did… for the first time ever… I left after 15 minutes of class.

As I am training through the circuit I made up for myself (I will include this at the bottom), I noticed another person left. ((This can be typical for a 530am class bc people have work.)) But wait!! More spinners continued to trickle out over the last half hour of class– 6 total, including me. At least one of them must have shared my spin ADD today- especially since no one did this on Sunday.

To put it in perspective: 6 people out of ab 18 is 33% of the class. In case you’re counting too.

Even though on Sunday I rode the least number of miles (16.7 vs 18ish) compared to other instructors at my gym, it was the best ride I’ve had at my gym since I’ve joined. To me, that further proves it’s quality over quantity.

I hope to use this situation as an example for why they should include yours truly on the instructor list, even if it is only as a sub. 🙂

Improvised Circuits (3 rounds each exercise):

Group 1

1 minute of boxing on heavy bag

1 minute wall sit

10 push-ups

30 double crunches

15-30 second handstand (using wall as necessary)

Group 2

10 Kettle Bell Sumo Swings

10 side-to-side ball slams

10 second support hold on rings


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