Hangover Helper

Well… despite all odds being against us physically and mentally, we made it to kickboxing class and we were only 5 minutes late!

I was uber impressed with my bff’s dedication to getting us to class after our late night festivities. The high energy and constant bouncing is so much harder when you are dehydrated! I would have been perfectly content bopping around on an elliptical, but having a partner made us both accountable and helped us push through to the final stretch.

steph kickboxing

After this challenge, a Starbucks coffee, and egg white sandwich (caffeine & protein)- we were ready to take on our day! This clearly would not have been the case had we not stuck to our plan and kept our goals in mind.

Feeling the need for grease after a night of (a little or a lot of) over-indulgence in booze? I don’t crave junk, I actually crave healthy foods to replenish my nutrients and restore my body. But either way, there’s the same reason behind this! ChickRX breaks it down easy. These girls say you need one or all of the following1. water 2. coconut water 3. calming foods 4. ginger tea 5. carbs 6. vitamins 7. pickles 8. chicken noodle soup 9. pain meds 10. sleep

‘Carbs’ doesn’t give you the green light for a cheesesteak and fries! Pick something easy on your insides- you already hurt them enough- bananas, crackers, or toast. According to ChickRx “… Eating carbohydrates can help to bring your blood sugar levels back to normal while your liver is over-booked processing those last few cocktails.” Yay!


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