(Brad’s Raw Foods) Sugar Detox – But do I really want to give it up?

(Brad’s Raw Foods) Sugar Detox – But do I really want to give it up?

Ok party people- a long time debate of mine is sugar… I swear when my macros of sugar increase, so does my body weight. Even when it comes to fruit, especially when it comes to alcohol and of course, what girl can’t help but cave to a dessert craving here and there? Okay, so now I sound like a sugar fiend.

The truth is I probably am one, which is why I need to consider this sugar detox program. I have seen the kale chips before in Shop Rite, so I have at least heard of the brand’s name before.

I spend copious amounts of time trying to buy foods that are low or no sugar, googling recipes, and usually even keeping fruit to a minimum (so sad). Sometimes I just want the good tasting stuff (regardless of nutrition) too and we all know once you take that plunge it could be a matter of minutes before you’re knuckles deep in a pint of ben & jerrys. Sugar is not just in desserts though. It seems like it is in EVERYTHING. And of course there is the debate about the ever-growing market of substitutes.

SoOo the $22 I thought I’d get to put towards a new shirt this week, might just have to go to Groupon & Brad’s! I’d love to “…Learn what foods to incorporate more into your diet, which to avoid, and what to limit.” The whys are just as important to me bc that is how you can take information and decide what is best for yourself. In the grand scheme of my goals (I try to always keep long-term goals in mind when making short-term decisions), this ranks higher up on the list and I think I just talked myself into it. Let me know if you will be joining me!


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